June 21, 2011

Technical Tuesday Tip

Avoid raccoon eyes! How often do you notice that your perfect makeup job is ruined by eye shadow fallout under your eyes? This is a really common issue especially when using dark colors or doing smoky eye makeup. There are a couple of technical tricks you can use to keep your shadow from falling under your eyes.

  • Do your eye makeup first. Apply your eye shadow before adding foundation and concealer. This way you can clean up any fallout in advance. 
  • Option number 2, is to apply your foundation and concealer first. Then, use a triangle sponge to place loose powder directly under your eye. Once you’re done with your shadow use a powder brush to whisk away the extra powder and any fallout.
Bonus Tip: When using loose powder be sure to wipe away all the excess powder to avoid having the reverse raccoon eye like the starlets below.

Eva Longria
Taraji P. Henson

Stay beautiful. XOXO


  1. Great tip Trina, I have a problem with this at times, especially if I'm using eyeshadow pigments.

  2. Hey Trina,

    I gave you the lovely blog award!



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